The Latest Security Features Available for Server Based Security Appliances

Austin Hipes, UNICOM Engineering’s Chief Architect and VP of Engineering, presented some of the latest security updates for server based security appliances from the Briefing Center at RSA 2014. In this video session, Hipes will discuss some of the new features available in standard Intel architecture server platforms that enable security OEMs to deliver faster, more cost effective solutions. Included will be technologies that aid in secure data retention, key generation and encryption acceleration.

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RSA 2014 Conference Wrap UpIf you missed RSA 2014 this past February at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, you missed over 280 track sessions and more than 350 exhibitors, but most importantly you missed the latest updates on IT threats in an ever changing environment. But don’t fret, UNICOM Engineering was there and will bring you up to speed.

News of NSA spying and credit card breaches at major retailers provided the catalyst to make RSA 2014 the largest and most informative RSA Conference yet. Several keynote speakers noted a general apathy about the loss of information, perhaps brought on by a sense of inevitability. With more and more “things” connected to the network expanding the number of possible entry points to the network, the job of security becomes increasingly challenging. Real outrage will erupt when attacks impact family or personal finances. But at that point will it be too late?

Today, smart devices contribute to an internet of things (IoT), recording and sharing personal information and providing entry points for attacks on a network. Cars track driving habits and can be accessed remotely to diagnose trouble. Pacemakers and insulin pumps send medical data over a network as well as provide life-saving services. Then there is the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) revolution which is altering the way business is done. RSA 2014 examined ways of securing all these endpoints as critical to securing the network and securing personal information.

Attackers are seemingly innovating faster than the IT security industry, however, a new security model is evolving. Security professionals at RSA 2014 explained why they no longer focus on trying to plug every vector of attack. Instead, the focus has shifted to identifying and isolating any breach quickly to mitigate damage. Just like the police department doesn’t expect to prevent every crime, but seeks to respond quickly when a crime occurs.

UNICOM Engineering was proud to be part of the show, and appreciate everyone able to attend and all those who came by the booth. As a leader providing network hardware and solutions, UNICOM Engineering is glad to help keep you updated on industry trends presented at RSA 2014, and hopes to see you at RSA 2015.

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UNICOM Engineering and the Intel-Embedded Community

Intel Embedded Systems CommunityNearly everything has a computer in it these days, making the Intel-embedded community a focus of technological innovation. Cars, refrigerators, and even bank cards may have a processor to communicate with the Internet, which makes them—and many other products—a part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

To handle the growing traffic UNICOM Engineering has long been an associate member of the Intel System Alliance, a group that works closely with Intel to optimize product development in sync with Intel releases. In other words, UNICOM Engineering has an inside track to make sure their products use the latest Intel releases to the fullest extent possible.

The Intel-embedded community reads like an all-star roster of the most prominent names in the industry: Microsoft Corporation, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Oracle, just to name a few. No wonder UNICOM Engineering is among this elite group.

The knowledge and experience these Intel-embedded community members share with each other and their customers provides a real advantage to any organization seeking first-rate solutions involving embedded applications. The data center hardware UNICOM Engineering delivers worldwide is an excellent example.

The E-2900 and E-1800 communications appliances are featured solutions on the Intel-embedded community website. These rack-mountable devices encourage embedded software design customization and can serve as energy-efficient, general-purpose data center building blocks. They also provide customers with flexibility in developing solutions for enterprise communications, call centers, video centers, and storage.

In addition to products, UNICOM Engineering experts also author white papers and articles on embedded design and applications to the Intel-embedded community.

To learn more about Intel’s Intelligent System Alliance, and to see UNICOM Engineering’s featured products, articles and white papers, visit the alliance website. To learn more about UNICOM Engineering’s solutions that utilize Intel-embedded products, visit the UNICOM Engineering website.

UNICOM at RSA 2014

RSA 2014 UNICOMData security is one of the biggest concerns in today’s high tech world, and RSA Conference 2014 brings the biggest names in data security together. The conference runs for five full days from February 24-28 in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center and is considered one of the largest forums for enterprise and technical information security. UNICOM Engineering is proud to be part of the event with an expo booth (#2841) and our own featured speaker, Austin Hipes.

Austin is UNICOM’s Chief Architect and VP of Engineering, and will be speaking at 2:40pm on Tuesday at the South Expo Briefing Center. Austin’s discussion will focus on new features available to OEMs in the Intel architecture server platforms which allow cost effective solutions to offer faster and more secure data retention, key generation and encryption acceleration. In today’s market hardware manufactures need to provide higher levels of security and encryption, and Austin will show you how creating these solutions are possible. In addition to Austin’s session, RSA is offering over 22 hours of learning in 26 different tracks and over 300 sessions covering a range of topics.

After checking in Monday, and taking in Austin’s discussion on Tuesday, UNICOM will be ready to help you kick of day three of the conference with a coffee break. Starting at 9:30am, before the show floor opening, UNICOM executives (including Austin) and Intel technologist will be available to discuss security features and server based security appliances. It will be a great way to start your day and get to know the UNICOM team.

The RSA Conference 2014 will be an amazing experience for everyone able to attend, and UNICOM Engineering wants to bring that experience to as many people as possible. If you register for the conference at by February 21, 2014, and use the code SC4NEEYE, you can receive a free Expo Explorer Pass, compliments of UNICOM.

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About UNICOM Engineering, Inc.

UNICOM Engineering is a leading provider of server-based application platforms and lifecycle support services for software developers and OEMs worldwide. Through its expertise and comprehensive suite of solution design, system integration, application management, global logistics, support and maintenance services, UNICOM Engineering is redefining application deployment solutions to provide customers with a sustainable competitive advantage. More than a decade of appliance innovation with the ability to provide physical, virtual, and cloud-ready solutions makes UNICOM Engineering one of the most trusted software deployment partners in the industry. Founded in 1997, UNICOM Engineering has facilities in Canton, Massachusetts, Plano, Texas, and Galway, Ireland. For more information, visit

UNICOM Engineering Aids Bandura®, a TechGuard Security® Company with International Rollout

UNICOM Engineering Aids TechGuard Security International RolloutTechGuard Security has protected U.S. government, financial and healthcare institutions for over a decade with its security solutions. Looking to take its flagship PoliWall® appliance into international markets, TechGuard Security needed a global technology partner that could help it manufacture and certify a new appliance for overseas markets.

PoliWall plays a vital role in the information systems security of critical networks. The appliance sits between firewalls and edge routers to stop threats at the network edge by blocking malicious traffic. Finding a reliable partner capable of developing the hardware platform suitable for international export was crucial to success.

TechGuard Security had worked with NEI, the company now known as UNICOM Engineering, and knew it could deliver. In addition to marketing the PoliWall internationally, TechGuard Security wanted to develop the next generation of the PoliWall appliance for both domestic and international markets.

They wanted to build a faster appliance with higher throughput, greater availability and a smaller footprint size. TechGuard Security knew that UNICOM Engineering’s proven experience with appliance manufacturing and expertise in international regulation certification could help them deliver a reliable solution to the global market quickly.

UNICOM Engineering takes a comprehensive approach to solution design and application deployment, utilizing standard technologies to build appliances that meet specific application requirements, accelerate time to market, and reduce total cost of ownership. Throughout the design process, the company considers all aspects of the solution lifecycle, including component life, energy efficiency and regulatory requirements.

“UNICOM Engineering had the platforms we needed to be able to support our new high-throughput product up to 20G per second,” said David Maestas, chief technology officer at Bandura, the company TechGuard Security created to market its IT security service. “The fact that the platforms were already pre-certified for export and for sale in the U.S. was a huge bonus for us.”

UNICOM Engineering has the capability to meet the demanding criteria of leading IT security companies like TechGuard Security in producing appliances for both domestic and international markets. To find out what UNICOM can do for you, visit our website at

Read the full success story here.

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Choosing the Right Appliance Partner for Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle ManagementIndependent Software Vendors (ISVs) increasingly turn to appliance platforms to deliver their software applications and streamline lifecycle management. Appliances allow installation of software at a client’s site without utilization of client hardware, thereby avoiding compatibility issues. These pre-integrated, purpose-built, plug-and-play servers include the hardware, application software, operating system and any specialty components needed to deliver applications providing a standalone device for ISV’s to offer end users.

The advantages of the appliance model to product lifecycle management are obvious. The challenge for ISVs comes in finding a partner with the engineering expertise and production capabilities to manufacture and maintain appliance servers throughout an application’s lifecycle. Since designing, integrating  and deploying an appliance is not an ISV’s core business, vendors need to find a partner who specializes in the development of appliances. Here are three critical factors to consider:

1. Engineering Control and Manufacturing Quality – ISVs should seek partners with a highly proven record for solution design, systems integration, application management, global logistics, tech support, and maintenance programs. Such partners will execute best-practice processes in these key aspects of developing, manufacturing and servicing appliance platform solutions, integrating all aspects of lifecycle management for the appliance and application. The advantage to the ISV comes from the engineering controls and manufacturing quality that such focused partners offer.

A partner should handle regulatory and certification requirements, branding, packaging and international shipping for import and export. A global supply chain, product testing and evaluation, and software imaging should be available for application lifecycle management. The partner must possess the capability to interact and report to multiple levels of the ISV’s organization, including engineering, operations, product management, and supply managers so the appliance can be optimized, delivered and maintained for long-life operation.

2. Logistics, Tech Support and Training – ISVs must stay focused on client satisfaction and brand loyalty to survive in today’s globally competitive marketplace. Focusing solely on a manufacturing partner loses sight of the logistics and support services necessary for effective lifecycle management.  For the appliance model to succeed, it must maintain a robust forward- and reverse-logistics program and support organization to service end users in a timely manner. ISVs need to choose a partner with best-in-class logistics and support models capable of delivering reliably, and support staff to give clients confidence to keep buying.

3. Program Management – Success depends on the product management capabilities of the partner chosen by an ISV.  An appliance provider should assign a dedicated, professional account manager to lead a proactive account team to manage your program. An effective partner anticipates needs and looks to avoid problems rather than waiting for the ISV to identify them. The team should be experienced enough to identify and address technical and business issues before they become problematic. The partner should hold program managers accountable for the achievements of their clients.

UNICOM Engineering provides the kind of partner ISVs are looking for to develop appliance hardware solution to ease lifecycle management.

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Global Support Services Enhance Client Competitiveness

Global Support ServicesUNICOM Engineering provides global support services that enhance clients’ competitiveness. Just recently we expanded support for our stocking capabilities, which not only enables multinational return merchandise authorization (RM), but also gives clients the capability to streamline the repair and replacement of products globally. From the most challenging locations to the most heavily regulated BRIC countries, virtually the entire globe is within our reach—and our clients’ reach as well. This includes nations such as Russia, China, India, and Brazil.

Providing global IT services means our clients need access to parts worldwide. UNICOM Engineering maintains 25 stocking locations in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, and has access to more than 700 others as part of our Global Support Services network. This network gives our clients and us the ability to stock and ship mission-critical service parts and fully integrated solutions. UNICOM Engineering and our clients can quickly deliver replacement products worldwide within a four-hour or next-business-day delivery time. Our clients receive a fully integrated program with real-time inventory visibility and the response and repair bandwidth to offer competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) no matter how far they extend.

The unbounded growth potential of the global marketplace comes at the price of a dynamic regulatory environment and increased complexity. Knowledgeable and certified staff work on your behalf as Importer of Record (IOR)/Exporter of Record (EOR) in country, an essential element of our global support services. Otherwise, supporting mission-critical applications with completely integrated systems spare parts is time-consuming and difficult. UNICOM Engineering’s worldwide support stocking capabilities remove the risk and burden of technical support services from our clients, empowering them to remain competitive while successfully managing uptime.

UNICOM Engineering is a leading provider of deployment solutions, application platforms and lifecycle support services for OEMS and software technology developers worldwide. If you are in need of a partner that can build, ship and support your solutions on a global scale, contact UNICOM Engineering at or 800-977-1010.

New EMC Standards for Information Technology Equipment in the EU

Information Technology EquipmentThe European Union (EU) has updated standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for information technology equipment (ITE). A new list of harmonized standards was published in the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ), which allows the new standards to be used in compliance testing.

The new versions of the standards have superseded their predecessors and became mandatory on December 1, 2013. New products shipped into the European Union must now comply with the newer versions of the standards.

EN55022, based on CISPR-22, is the international version that has been adopted by most of the world, including the United States (at least in part). This standard covers radiated emissions, conducted emissions on the AC Mains, and conducted emissions on communications lines, such as Ethernet. EN55024, is the European equivalent of CISPR-24, the international standard for immunity requirements. It is mostly a European requirement with some countries having adopted the immunity standards (such as Taiwan, Korea, and others). The immunity testing called for is electrostatic discharge (ESD), radiated immunity, electrically fast transients (EFT), voltage surge, conducted disturbances, power-frequency magnetic field, and voltage dips and interruptions.

The new requirements represent the latest update to these EMC standards. Although the limits for emissions and the levels for immunity have not changed, some of the underlying test methodologies have been changed to reflect the changing technologies within the ITE sector, primarily for communications interfaces such as Ethernet. Requirements for radiated emissions testing above 1 GHz have also been added to EN 55022, where in the past, this has always been a North American requirement only.

The standards are meant to mitigate the risk of IT equipment interfering with other devices through electromagnetic emissions, as well as ensure IT equipment does not encounter interference from other devices. These standards allow a manufacturer to show compliance with the essential requirements of the EMC Directive (2004/108/EC) and are a legal requirement of the CE mark.

Companies in the information technology industry shipping equipment to the EU should begin using the new standards for compliance testing. Companies purchasing information technology equipment for use in the EU on or after December 1 need to ensure the equipment has been tested and is compliant with these new standards.

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Choosing to Deliver Software as a Purpose-Built Appliance

How-to-Deliver-Software-as-an-ISV-Appliance-WP_IMGWhat advantages does an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) gain by choosing to deliver software as a purpose-built appliance over the more traditional route of disks and downloads? Are these traditional routes simpler and cheaper? Should enterprise users have access to operating software in order to tweak and customize applications to their needs?

The traditional methods of software delivery utilized by ISVs actually come fraught with perils and pitfalls. Trying to design an application to run on multiple platforms, a variety of operating systems and general purpose servers loaded with other potentially interfering applications will not lead to the best solution.

Besides resulting in a less than optimum solution, making your operating software accessible can lead to trouble tickets from excessive end-user modifications. Resolving problems to your application caused by other applications can be time-consuming and costly to track down.

When you deliver software as a purpose-built appliance, however, you have the advantage of choosing the best operating system, supporting applications and hardware to deliver an optimum solution to your customers. The result is that enterprise end-users receive a more reliable and capable product.

But as an ISV your core competency is software application development, not developing hardware or customizing operating systems. How can you, as an ISV, deliver software as a purpose-built appliance without incurring increased costs or going outside your area of expertise? The answer is to partner with an expert in delivering and supporting appliances.

UNICOM Engineering has written a white paper addressing the advantages to both ISVs and their enterprise customers of delivering applications as purpose-built appliances. The paper also explains what to look for when choosing a partner to help you develop your appliance and support your end users after delivery.

To learn more about the advantages of choosing to deliver software as a purpose-built appliance, and how to choose a partner for the entire lifecycle of your product, download the UNICOM white paper today. You can find it at


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UNICOM Engineering is a leading provider of purpose-built application platforms, appliances and lifecycle deployment services for software developers and OEMs serving storage, security and communications markets worldwide.

UNICOM Engineering is best known for solution design technologies, integration expertise and unique deployment capabilities. All of their turnkey platforms and appliances are designed for longevity and backed by lifecycle management services. They create products and business solutions that solve hardware, virtual, and cloud deployment challenges, accelerate time to market, reduce ownership costs and increase business efficiencies.

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