Why ATCA should be Considered for your Solution

Why ATCASince its inception, ATCA has garnered strong interest, but the revenue growth has not lived up to expectations leaving many to wonder why ATCA is a solution to consider.  As a set of specifications for next generation carrier grade communications equipment, there have been two major updates in its lifetime, with a third underway. The consensus among the experts is that, despite slower than expected momentum, ATCA is coming into its own, and those who utilize it stand to reap substantial benefits.

  • ATCA architecture enables increased mobility. With mobile traffic projected to increase thirty nine times from 2009 figures by the year 2014, wireless carriers need to function more like landline broadband networks, with greater speeds and more consistent connectivity. ATCA provides a platform for flexibility in Ethernet switching and packet processing that offers companies a solution for delivering advanced applications and sustaining a competitive edge.
  • ATCA improves reliability, availability, and serviceability.  An application is only as good as the platform from which it runs. Many features of AdvancedTCA address those three issues, from SMS, to dual base fabric switches, to the dual redundant -48 VDC power distribution.
  • The AdvancedTCA hardware standard keeps up with a constantly evolving and highly competitive industry. By reducing hardware and application costs, increasing product availability, increasing scalability, and improving reliability, the ACTA standard created by PICMG levels the playing field, allowing small providers to offer the same technology as their Tier 1 counterparts.

As technology advances, you may find your company in need of an experienced partner to help keep pace with the market. Best known for solution design technologies, integration expertise and unique deployment capabilities, NEI has been deploying ATCA solutions since 2005. Founded in 1997, on the core values of accountability, cooperation, integrity, motivation and respect, NEI is committed to working as an extension of your business, in order to contribute to your success in today’s ever changing global market.

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