Top 3 Compliance and Regulatory Issues for NEBS

Misconceptions about NEBS standards may end up manifesting as compliance issues for NEBS, but developing a better understanding of the specification will ensure that your products will work in any situation. Created with the goal of making network telecom equipment fail proof, NEBS stands for “network equipment-building system”.  Designed to reassure service providers that the equipment they purchase is up to clear standards regarding temperature and humidity, resistance to fire, equipment handling, earthquake survivability, airborne contaminants and acoustic noise, NEBS is confusing for some.  Here are three common misconceptions that can cause compliance and regulatory issues:

  • Most people hear “NEBS” and do not realize they are actually referencing Level 3 NEBS. This is important because each level has significantly different requirements and meanings. Level one is intended to minimize system degradation in office class environments, and level two is for “failure tolerant services” in controlled environments. By contrast, level three is farther reaching, aimed at meeting requirements that service providers need in all types of environments, including harsh ones like earthquakes and fires.
  • Equipment is often referred to as NEBS Certified  without understanding what it means. To be NEBS certified, equipment  must go through a series of tests performed in a certified test lab. The tests that are performed allow telecom engineers to understand how the equipment will behave within their particular environment. Certification can be obtained, but only on the entire solution with all hardware and software components integrated.
  • Just because a solution is designed with NEBS compliant parts, the finished solution still requires NEBS testing to be  compliant.  Any changes in the equipment that occur after standards are met may require new testing.

If this all seems confusing, it does not have to be. By partnering with a professional, you can assure that you will not have any compliance issues for NEBS. NEI has the experience to assure that your company will be successful in dealing with compliance challenges, as well as deployment strategies, support services, and many other business concerns. Visit NEI’s website for more information, or follow us on Twitter to be a part of our online community.

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